Buses are provided only for those students who are on the regular bus list.  Walking students may not ride a bus for any reason. Students may ride only on the bus on which they are registered.  They can only get off at the stop they are assigned. 

If a student is not to take his/her bus home, a note from the parent must be sent to the teacher.  Otherwise, the pupil will be sent home on the bus.

If you miss the bus at dismissal time, do not leave the school; you must report to the office to make alternate arrangements.


Our school board provides students with bus service for their convenience and safety.  In order to keep the ride to and from school SAFE for everyone, students must behave in a responsible and respectful manner.

Getting on the Bus Safely

Be at your designated stop on time.   Cross the street only when the driver gives you a signal.  Be aware of the danger zone (where the driver can’t see you) of the bus.  Hold the hand rail. Do not push or shove.

Riding the Bus

Sit down promptly and stay seated.  Face forward at all times with your feet in front of you and your bag/parcels in your lap.  Always talk quietly, using appropriate language - do not speak in a way that teases, hurts or harasses others.  Immediately follow the bus driver’s directions.  Keep arms and head - everything - inside the bus.  Do not throw anything out the windows or inside the bus.  Do not eat or drink on the bus.  Do not vandalize the bus or anyone’s personal property.  Do not hit, punch, kick or physically assault another student.

Getting off the Bus Safely

Wait until the bus has stopped before leaving your seat.  The people in front of you leave first - do not push or run.  Hold the handrail and take two large steps away from the bus.   When the driver gives the signal, cross the street in single file at least 3 metres in front of the bus - remember the danger zone.

Bus Misbehaviour

Bus Report #1: Discussion with the principal, consequence assigned.  Copy of report sent home.

Bus Report #2:  Discussion with the principal, progressive discipline assigned.  Copy of report sent home.

Bus Report #3 and Subsequent Reports: Bus riding privileges suspended.

Note: Serious misbehaviour may result in the immediate suspension of riding privileges.

The Board is committed to providing students with a safe environment while travelling on school buses and school transport vehicles. In order to keep our transportation system as safe as possible, Rules of Conduct on School Buses have been established for your child's protection. Eligible Distances for Transportation

Student Transportation Services of Central Ontario (STSCO) oversees transportation for students within our Board.

Bus Cancellations

Listen to your local radio station, visit the STSCO website in the morning, or call the STSCO information line at 705-748-5500 or 1-800-757-0307 for bus delays or cancellations. Remember that if a bus is cancelled in the morning, it will not run in the afternoon. 

Rules of Conduct on School Buses

Rules of conduct have been established at each school to provide guidance to students regarding the Board's expectations of acceptable behaviour while being transported.  These rules form the basis for the submission of the Student Behaviour Report Form (Appendix A of Administrative Procedure AP-TRAN-1004) to be used when dealing with inappropriate conduct.

Riding on the Bus is a privilege not a right.  A student guilty of misconduct may lose this privilege.  Restoration of the privilege will be at the discretion of the principal after consultation with the student, his/her parent or guardian and where necessary, the respective school superintendent.

Video Camera & Digital Video Recording Devices on Buses

School buses are equipped with video cameras and digital video recording devices to assist bus drivers and staff with dealing with misconduct on buses. Appeal of Suspension or Recommendation for Expulsion hearings may use video footage obtained on buses. You can read the Board's Transportation Policy (Policy #1000)for additional details.

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