Mission Statement

Welcome St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School!  Students, teachers and support staff make up the heart of our school life.  Without their enthusiasm, caring, and zest for learning, St. Joseph would not be the school it is today.  Parental support and involvement is also crucial to our success.

A comprehensive education ensuring growth spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially, is our goal for every student.  This can only be achieved through the work of a collaborative team which includes the Parish, Home, Community and School.

We treasure each student as a gift entrusted to our care and thank you for choosing St. Joseph School.  

Through integrating Catholic beliefs and values into all learning experiences, the staff of St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School School is committed to assisting all students to achieve their spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional potential in a caring environment.

We are a caring Christian Community committed to fostering the self-worth and self-discipline of our students within a positive environment.  St. Joseph is a special place to work and learn.  Students are encouraged and supported to present themselves in the best manner possible, treating one another with dignity and respect.