Child Care

Child care if offered at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School School by Northumberland YMCA. The program which is offered before and after school for school aged children is designed to meet the social, emotional, developmental and intellectual needs of each child in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Each child's uniqueness is recognized and the centre strives to meet his/her developmental needs. The YMCA emphasizes the fostering of children's self-esteem, confidence, independence and social skills.

Children have the opportunity to be involved in art, music, circle, creative, science, outdoor and self-directed play. They go on field trips and have visits from community agencies.

Hours of Operation: Before and After Programs 
Monday to Friday, September to June 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. 

Contact Information:
Debbie Brown Manager, YMCA Child Care Centre 
919 D''Arcy Street North 
Cobourg, ON 
K9A 4B4 
Phone: 905-373-7028
Phone: 905-372-4318 ext. 404